Trilingual Picture Dictionary- Perkataan Pertama/First words/ الكلمة الأولى

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By breaking up new vocabulary words into themes, it allows your children to make connections between words within a theme. This is much more effective than giving them a list of random vocabulary words that have no links to each other. 

It has been proven that in trilingual children develop such features and skills as critical thinking, problem-solving and mental flexibility, which makes these children achieve better results in learning. Students who want to learn more languages in the future will also have an easier task. 

With this picture dictionary, your child will enjoy the journey of grasping all 3 languages: English, Malay & Arabic. You don't need to be worried about your little ones tearing the pages, as it is a board book. Hence, it is suitable for all ages 😍


🔸8 Interesting themes included:

  1. Wild animals
  2. Farm animals
  3. Sea creatures
  4. Birds
  5. Flowers
  6. Transportation
  7. Team work
  8. Recreation

🔸Size A4