The Alhamdulillah Book

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The Bismillah Book & The Alhamdulillah Book, are the latest publications of Bismillah Buddies. The purpose of these books is to introduce two important Islamic concepts in children: to say Bismillah & Alhamdulillah.

The Alhamdulillah Book, part 2 of the series, helps children learn the importance of gratitude. It will encourage them to look in their surroundings, and know that everything is created by Allah, and that we should thank Him for all His Blessings even if they are apparently as minute as sand grains!

The books are sturdy, & the illustrations are colorful and cute making learning a fun experience – just perfect for the little ones. Through the illustrations, the children will be able to learn & identify different land & marine creatures as well. The repetitive phrases will help the children to use the words in their daily life. There is a QR code on the front which you can scan to see the books in the animated version that is beautifully done. You may turn off the volume of the musical rhymes if you wish to.

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🔸14 pages