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Waiting is difficult for a little rhino named Archie. Especially when he wants everything NOW! It seems like it takes years for the pool to be ready or for Archie's father to get off the phone so he can read to him. Lines can't seem to move fast enough, and projects don't dry as quickly as he expects. Archie's patience is pushed to the limit when he has to wait for a vacation. He is excited, packed, and set to go 10 days early. His parents are very calm and devise a creative way to help him understand the concept of time, but it's not easy. Then the day finally arrives. The family is packed and ready to leave for the airport when Archie realizes that his favorite stuffed toy is missing.

Now the tables are turned, and it's Archie's parents who are stressing that they have to leave NOW! Hence the dilemma—do they set off for their vacation with an unhappy child, or do they take a chance and spend time looking for the toy?

As your child develops, the challenges will change, and your thinking may evolve, but your approach should be consistent, firm and loving 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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